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Only in Baseball

Would you get a quote like this.  Aubrey Huff on Madison Bumgarner:

The thing about Bum, he doesn’t scare,” Aubrey Huff said. “He’s a country redneck who goes out there and just throws. He’s got great stuff.

And then this gem:

“I know you guys want to ask me questions because I had an awesome game.”

Gotta love crusty veterans who just don’t give a shit.


Buster Posey – God of All Gods

So, I was on YouTube looking for video of last night’s play at the plate where one of the Cubbies had their nose bloodied by Buster Posey, and to no great astonishment, I wasn’t able to find anything.   (Thanks MLB for your stupid ideas around copyright.)  Anyway, as I was perusing the list of results, I noticed something about the titles:

1.  Buster Posey – The Chosen One

2.  Buster Posey The Giants Savior

3.  Buster Posey Balanced and In Control

4.  Buster Posey Tribute

5.  Buster Posey History Will Be Made

Etc, etc…

I was waiting to find one that said “Buster Posey – Jesus Christ resurrected” or “Buster Posey – Cures All That Ails You”.  The titles of the clips are ridiculous!  But wonderful.  It’s so fun to be excited about a hitter on the Giants.  It’s been too long.  Also, all of those clips make me feel better about my silly Posey posts.

Posey really IS God

Hey man, how totally awesome is it that we have Buster Posey?  Let’s count the ways..

1.  Super awesome:  this kid can hit.  Longest hitting streak by a rookie since Cepeda (I think it’s Cepeda, he just passed a few folks).

2.  Pretty awesomely awesome:  he can call a good game.  Wasn’t the reasoning behind the Molina signing that Posey wasn’t ready to call a major league game?  Good grief.

3.  Most excellently awesome:  he’s got one of the best baseball names ever.  It’s its own chant: Bus-ter Po-sey!

Too many more awesome to quantify.

Awesome infinity!

p.s. How great is it that Giants fans in AZ had the UUUUU-RIBE  chant going on?  Humungously awesome!  Loud enough to hear on TV.


The future of the Giants captured in a single picture:


Adios, Bengie!

In a move that defies all expectations of the general competency of the Giants front office, Bengie Molina has been shipped to the Texas Rangers.

Giants general manager Brian Sabean, when reached for comment, expressed that this had been one of the hardest trades he has ever made.  “It was a tough decision to let go of Bengie.  He was what held this team together.  Without his catching skills, we wouldn’t have made it this far.  His patience at the plate, I’ve seen how that has rubbed off on the other guys.  I see the younger players looking to him for guidance on how to be a successful major league hitter.”

Sabean went on to address the questions about Posey’s new role.  “Do we feel he’s ready to be a catcher at the major league level?  I guess.  I don’t know, that’s a silly question to ask.  I really don’t take those things into account when I make these types of decisions.  To be honest, I kind of forgot we had the kid.  I had the thought that we might make a move for Pudge [Rodriguez].  We’ll see.”

Giants fans responded to news of the trade with a collective sigh of relief.

Sunshine and Roses

Now that the Giants are on a 4 game win streak, it’s hard for me to complain about the team.  So, I won’t try.

But I can, and do, feel compassion for the Baltimore Orioles.  They lost to us 10-2 last night.  They’ve hit hard times.  So here kids, here’s Brooks Robinson.  Cheer up.

Brooks Robinson June 1972

Photo courtesy of The Old Ballgame

An Appreciation of Freddy Sanchez

Pay attention because this isn’t likely to be repeated anytime soon:  I was wrong.

I thought Freddy Sanchez was another Sabean hack.

Maybe it was because we got him at the same time as Ryan Garko.

Maybe it was because he was injured for most of last season and part of this one.

Maybe it was because I just can’t believe Brian Sabean can do anything right anymore.

But the point is, I was mistaken.  He’s the kind of guy you want on your team.  He’s smart, he takes pitches, he’s confident in himself.  He’s a Gold Glove second baseman.  On top of that, he’s small (5’10”), he’s a middle infielder and he had a strange physical ailment to overcome (club foot as a kid).  All things I enjoy in a baseball player.

Added bonus:  his name is Freddy and he is an adult.

So, safe to say that I am on the bandwagon.  I like to think that my personal preferences and thoughts have an effect on the outside world, so hopefully this won’t jinx him.