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Is Freddy Sanchez the New J.T. Snow?


Super amazing, incredibly athletic defense?  Check

Multiple Gold Gloves?  Check

Infielders?  Check

Good work ethic and “hustle”?  Check

Love for bubble gum? CHECK

You read that hard-hitting analysis here first.  Just wait until the MSM picks this up!


An Appreciation of Freddy Sanchez

Pay attention because this isn’t likely to be repeated anytime soon:  I was wrong.

I thought Freddy Sanchez was another Sabean hack.

Maybe it was because we got him at the same time as Ryan Garko.

Maybe it was because he was injured for most of last season and part of this one.

Maybe it was because I just can’t believe Brian Sabean can do anything right anymore.

But the point is, I was mistaken.  He’s the kind of guy you want on your team.  He’s smart, he takes pitches, he’s confident in himself.  He’s a Gold Glove second baseman.  On top of that, he’s small (5’10”), he’s a middle infielder and he had a strange physical ailment to overcome (club foot as a kid).  All things I enjoy in a baseball player.

Added bonus:  his name is Freddy and he is an adult.

So, safe to say that I am on the bandwagon.  I like to think that my personal preferences and thoughts have an effect on the outside world, so hopefully this won’t jinx him.