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Buster Posey – God of All Gods

So, I was on YouTube looking for video of last night’s play at the plate where one of the Cubbies had their nose bloodied by Buster Posey, and to no great astonishment, I wasn’t able to find anything.   (Thanks MLB for your stupid ideas around copyright.)  Anyway, as I was perusing the list of results, I noticed something about the titles:

1.  Buster Posey – The Chosen One

2.  Buster Posey The Giants Savior

3.  Buster Posey Balanced and In Control

4.  Buster Posey Tribute

5.  Buster Posey History Will Be Made

Etc, etc…

I was waiting to find one that said “Buster Posey – Jesus Christ resurrected” or “Buster Posey – Cures All That Ails You”.  The titles of the clips are ridiculous!  But wonderful.  It’s so fun to be excited about a hitter on the Giants.  It’s been too long.  Also, all of those clips make me feel better about my silly Posey posts.


Posey really IS God

Hey man, how totally awesome is it that we have Buster Posey?  Let’s count the ways..

1.  Super awesome:  this kid can hit.  Longest hitting streak by a rookie since Cepeda (I think it’s Cepeda, he just passed a few folks).

2.  Pretty awesomely awesome:  he can call a good game.  Wasn’t the reasoning behind the Molina signing that Posey wasn’t ready to call a major league game?  Good grief.

3.  Most excellently awesome:  he’s got one of the best baseball names ever.  It’s its own chant: Bus-ter Po-sey!

Too many more awesome to quantify.

Awesome infinity!

p.s. How great is it that Giants fans in AZ had the UUUUU-RIBE  chant going on?  Humungously awesome!  Loud enough to hear on TV.

Good News, Bad News


Buster Posey is a BEAST.  He’s clearly the Steph Curry of Major League Baseball, with his baby face looks and tremendous natural talent.  How good is he?  Since being called up on Saturday, he’s hitting .500 with two doubles and 4 RBIs.  Plus, he already has his own chant.

Sure, he has a lot of pressure on him.  Fans see him as the savior of our struggling offense and as the most promising home-grown position player since Matt Williams.  He’s been anticipated for years and his call-up felt like Christmas and the 4th of July all wrapped into one.  The ‘Free Buster Posey’ campaign has come to fruition.  So, let’s hope the toxic slime of the Giants front office doesn’t damage him.


Tim Lincecum is in a FUNK.  And not of the George Clinton variety.  I haven’t seen him like this, well, ever.  The worst part is that he is so thoroughly dejected.  Part of what makes Lincecum such a great pitcher is that he is able to put bad starts behind him and stay focused on the positives that he has in games.  But he says that he’s having a hard time taking away anything positive lately.

I’m confident Lincecum will be fine.  In fact, I think it’s good that he’s facing a little adversity.  Figuring out how to get out of a funk like this will be a valuable asset in the long term.  And he might as well do it when he’s on a team with 2.5 other good pitchers.  Still, I’d like to see the ol’ snaggletooth make a reappearance.

What does this all mean?  Well, to sum it up:

Giants baseball…TORTURE!