That’s So Giants


Had the pleasure of going to the Giants game last night, one day after they took the lead in the NL West. I had a gut feeling that the Giants would choke. They are the type of team where they tend to (and pardon the expression, but it is so fitting) blow their wad after a big game and absolutely suck balls the next the day out.

What this all says to me is that they are going to have a very hard time in the playoffs, where all wins are big and all games count. I blame this completely on Bruce Bochy who, as manager, should be able to buffer his players from the high and lows of the season. I’m afraid of losing this young and amazing team to years of managerial incompetence. I would rather have a crappy team than one that is full of wasted talent.

So, while I am thrilled to be in the playoff race, I worry. I watch this race with a wary eye. But I am ever hopeful.  You have to be as Giants fan.

Giants baseball…. Torture!


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