Posey really IS God

Hey man, how totally awesome is it that we have Buster Posey?  Let’s count the ways..

1.  Super awesome:  this kid can hit.  Longest hitting streak by a rookie since Cepeda (I think it’s Cepeda, he just passed a few folks).

2.  Pretty awesomely awesome:  he can call a good game.  Wasn’t the reasoning behind the Molina signing that Posey wasn’t ready to call a major league game?  Good grief.

3.  Most excellently awesome:  he’s got one of the best baseball names ever.  It’s its own chant: Bus-ter Po-sey!

Too many more awesome to quantify.

Awesome infinity!

p.s. How great is it that Giants fans in AZ had the UUUUU-RIBE  chant going on?  Humungously awesome!  Loud enough to hear on TV.


4 responses to “Posey really IS God

  1. friendsdontletfriendsroot4thedodgers

    Posey’s already passed Cepeda, closing in on McCovey.

    Is Buster Posey the white Willie Mays?

  2. friendsdontletfriendsroot4thedodgers

    Heck, I figure if they can talk about Strasburg for the Hall, I can compare Buster with the Say Hey Kid.

  3. friendsdontletfriendsroot4thedodgers

    I take that back. He’s the right-handed Will Clark.

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