Adios, Bengie!

In a move that defies all expectations of the general competency of the Giants front office, Bengie Molina has been shipped to the Texas Rangers.

Giants general manager Brian Sabean, when reached for comment, expressed that this had been one of the hardest trades he has ever made.  “It was a tough decision to let go of Bengie.  He was what held this team together.  Without his catching skills, we wouldn’t have made it this far.  His patience at the plate, I’ve seen how that has rubbed off on the other guys.  I see the younger players looking to him for guidance on how to be a successful major league hitter.”

Sabean went on to address the questions about Posey’s new role.  “Do we feel he’s ready to be a catcher at the major league level?  I guess.  I don’t know, that’s a silly question to ask.  I really don’t take those things into account when I make these types of decisions.  To be honest, I kind of forgot we had the kid.  I had the thought that we might make a move for Pudge [Rodriguez].  We’ll see.”

Giants fans responded to news of the trade with a collective sigh of relief.


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